5th novel in the Mike Romano series “Connected”

“CONNECTED” IS HERE…..Available on Amazon in printed copy on November 1st..

Book 5 of the Mike Romano Series is ready.Hello, I’m Joe DeCicco, a retired New York City Detective and the author of The Mike Romano Series of novels.

The protagonist, or main character, Mike Romano is a righteous individual who joins the NYPD because of his innate desire to right wrongs whenever possible and protect society in general. He is not perfect by any means, but always follows his calling…

In “Connected” book 5 in the series, after almost four years as a narcotics investigator, Mike is assigned to a detective squad in Brooklyn New York.

While serving in his new assignment, he learns more about his own family history and what it really means to be connected.

As the story unfolds, the reader learns that the black and white principals of law enforcement are really all different shades of grey…….Mike Romano is a master artist in the medium…..Enjoy…

“Connected” is available both in print and Kindle on Amazon along with the rest of the series.

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Currently writing “Connected” the fifth in the Mike Romano series……..Arriving late 2015

Connected 5-1

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Reader Review

June 24, 2013
New! Drake Ferguson reviewed Angel With a Gun (Mike Romano)
Gritty reality from a guy who lived it.
I thought DeCicco captured the grit and grime of what it means to be a cop and projected it with a lot of
This is not your TV sitcom cop story; it had real heart and substance.

A “must read”. -Drake Ferguson






 Moneyman January 1, 2013
DeCicco continues Mike Romano’s career in this book. Character Development is one of the things I like about the book. Romano continues his Angelic career, only to be thwarted by his Devlish enemy, the great Pumpkin, the red haired Dennis Bryan. Romano’s career slowly advances as he tangles with Bryan. Meanwhile Bryan struggles to maintain his powerful and important postion in NY City’s Police Force. Both Romaano and Bryan risk their careers to antagonize each other. I can’t wait to read the third book to see if Romano makes Detective, as he seems to be destined to achieve.
4.0 out of 5 stars Joe DeCicco does it again~!, December 6, 2012

Another great Mike Romano story with the viewpoint this time of a warrior on foot. For some reason I rarely think of cops walking a beat. I should… I had one escort me around all four directions of a cross walk after I had jay-walked in downtown Denver in the early 1970’s. Very embarrassing but lesson learned. I can see Mike doing something like that to enforce the point that it is better to use a cross walk than to become a hit-and -run fatality. Much more effective than a lecture or ticket. I enjoyed this perspective of a cop’s job and hope that another book is coming out soon.

4.0 out of 5 stars Another winner., December 6, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano) (Kindle Edition)

Another great story about Mike Romano, a cop in New York City. I finished this book in October, 2012 and just discovered that I hadn’t written a review and thanked Joe DeCicco for sharing his experiences through his books. While not being filled with a lot of “action”, they do depict a portrayal of day to day policing in a big city, complete with the politics, the bias and of course the good. Thanks to all the good cops out there for living up to the “protect and serve” creed.

Robert Aberman , November 25th 2012
I really enjoyed reading Joe DeCicco’s Angel With A Gun.  It is a fast-paced novel that was difficult to put down.  In particular, it was fascinating to get into the mind of someone doing the gritty job of being a police officer, not just on the job, but Mike Romano’s home life as well.  I really feel I could see the precinct station in my mind, and feel the fear, not only for his and his partner’s safety, but of not doing the right thing.
I must say, I saw the end coming!

4.0 out of 5 stars first time reader, November 21, 2012
This review is from: Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano) (Kindle Edition)

kept my interest through out look forwarding to reading the next one would not spend a lot of money on it

4.0 out of 5 stars inspirational, November 21, 2012
This review is from: Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano) (Kindle Edition)

The plot was magnificent. Mike Romano was trying to get ahead in his career but he wasn’t selfish in doing so. He tried to include everyone around him.
Brilliant piece of writing.

4.0 out of 5 stars Dirty Baggs, November 15, 2012

4.0 out of 5 stars Dirty Baggs, November 15, 2012
This review is from: Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano) (Kindle Edition)

Impressed with the knowledge of police workings, jargon, and affect that the job has on individuals and families. Story line was believable, and there was a satisfying amount of intrigue. I will be looking for more of the ‘Mike Romano’ episodes.

5.0 out of 5 stars Angel with a gun, October 6, 2012
By Auddie – See all my reviews
This review is from: Angel With a Gun (none) (Kindle Edition)
I just loved this book. I sometimes have problems with books holding my interest but this was an exception to the rule. I just did not want to put it down. Therefore, many times meals were very late – which is not a good thing because my disabled son lives with me and we are both diabetics. Don’t panic….no bad things happened as we are both pretty much “go with the flow” people and adjust well. I absolutely love Amazon for offering these wonderful bargains and “free” books to us Kindle owners. Fellow readers: give this book a try, I know you will love it too.

4.0 out of 5 stars Makes you think…and wonder…, September 13, 2012
By “Boo”dacious OrganScreamer (Hillsboro) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Angel With a Gun (none) (Kindle Edition)
When I first started reading Angel With a Gun (none) I thought to myself – “is this a book I want to continue”? After a couple of chapters the answer was – “this is better than I thought it would be”. When I reached the end, the thought running through my mind was – “is that all”??

From taking us with him through his decision to become a cop, to riding along with him and his partner Len, Mike shows us what it is like to work the streets. Through it all, his experiences with suspects, politics and even his marriage remind us that this is not an easy job. It takes a special person to truly care, to be fair and to be honest. We can only hope that there are more like Mike on the force than not.

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Angel with a Gun

The award winning  first edition novel, Angel with a Gun,  is now available as a second edition in paperback on Amazon Books for $9.99…..
Explore why Mike Romano joined the New York City Police Department and what drives him!!!!!!!!!!

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4.0 out of 5 stars Money Man, October 15, 2012
Money Man – See all my reviews
This review is from: Angel With a Gun (none) (Kindle Edition)
Decicco creates strong characters that are easy to identify with or easy to despise. A Family man that becomes a Police Officer to right the wrongs and provide for his family. A child molester. A Dirty Cop. He also brings reality to the life of a police officer, while placing the reader in the car with Mike Romano. His story is well written and easy to read. I can’t wait to read the next one.

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Joes Novels, Welcome to Mike Romano’s World

All my books are always available both in print and as e-books: Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook Books. Amazon offers free applications for all electronic media from PC’s to smartphones.

In my novels, the series main character, Michael Romano, (this authors alter ego) is a dedicated police officer who sometimes, while performing his duties, inadvertently becomes involved with people who have no business being on any police force. Mike is an honest, police officer, righteous almost to a fault. Subconsciously, he compares himself to Saint Michael, the Archangel. Always wanting to do a good job as a servant of the public, Romano, thru the forces of the universe, inadvertently gets involved in incidents and investigations that are more exciting then the basic duties of a police officer.

Follow along as Romano, always trying to fulfill his need to help people and correct any wrong that he witnesses and attempts to overcome restrictions in his quest both from the “Job” and his own human failings.

My writings come from an inner need to share his experiences with others while fulfilling the public’s ongoing interest with police work.

This  author feels that while still entertaining, my writings show all facets of the sometimes complex personalities of those who choose to be the daily guardians of our society.

A little bio here: I relocated to North Carolina in June 2001 where he resides with my wife Judy and one of my thirteen grandchildren. Joe is a retired New York City Detective who originally attended college to practice Electrical Engineering.
After working a lighting designer for several years, life circumstances decreed that I join the New York City Police Department in 1973. I have spent more then half my service in plainclothes, including over four years as an Organized Crime Control Bureau narcotics investigator, then year with Brooklyn Central Robbery and more than three years with the Brooklyn South Detective Division assigned to the 62nd Squad in Bensonhurst. After spending twenty years on the streets of New York, this author happily retired in on July 4th 1993, truly celebrating my own Independence Day, with over twenty awards and decorations.
Upon leaving the NYPD, I obtained a private investigators license and am still active in that field, often, pro bono.
I am also a principal of a local construction management firm, JNJ Associates Inc.

Use other links to learn more about Joe’s Novels

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Upcoming novel

I am currently working on another novel. This time Mike Romano works as a Narcotics Investigator in his quest to earn the rank of Detective and  the coveted “Gold Shield”.

Work is slow on this one and hopefully will be ready for publishing this summer.

In the next novel, Mike gets a new assignment, Narcotics………He is having a celebratory lunch with the detectives from “Dirty Baggs” when their good time is tarnished by the arrival of Dennis Bryan. Here is the scene:

As the men were finishing off their third extra large pizza, one loaded with home made Italian sausage, and waved for more beer to wash it down, Mike almost choked as he peered over his glass as he brought it to his lips for another mouthful of the amber liquid. Walking toward him, casually dressed, his face flushed and pumpkin-like as he remember him, was the huge bulk of Deputy Inspector Dennis Bryan. Mike froze as his mind instantly flashed back to key incidents regarding the man.  His thoughts raced;

         Dennis protected his brother-in-law, a pedophile. When I was first on the job and living in Jackson Heights and married to that whore.

        Mike’s thoughts raced along,  Dennis was a also graft taking cop and took $8,000 as explained by my family friend, Rocco Banducci, for pushing to void a lawful arrest that I  made while working in Midtown South……

         Mike remembered his parting conversation with The Great Pumpkin as he left his command for the last time,,,,,,,,,,,

         What a sight, I thought as he walked closer to me and I carefully chose my words. “Well, Deputy Inspector Bryan, all I can say is that it has been a true experience serving in your command.”

         Bryan smiled, took a swallow of beer and answered, “Glad to see there’s no hard feelings Romano. You’re a good cop. A little crazy, but a good cop. By the way, hope you like your new command. Where is it?”

         Mike remembered thinking, either he’s playing me or he’s drunk and can’t remember where I’m going. “It’s the 123 Precinct, Tottenville, on Staten Island, sleepy town, not very busy.”

         Mike remembered the big man asking what Mike thought he should have known the answer to, “How did you manage that? Got a hook?”

         Mike remembered pausing to craftily respond with, “Well, Boss, you’ve seen my jacket. Bribery collars, killing a pedophile, I saw you at his funeral, remember? Anyway, Staten Island is slower then Manhattan and you know that I like being active. I’ve usually had steady tours and haven’t worked the clock more then a total of three years in my entire career. In Tottenville there are no steady tours. I’ll have to work the clock. The midnights will be boring. I like to fish though. I’ll probably carry a fishing pole on the midnight tours and sneak some fishing in. Do you like fish?”

         “Sure do Mike, Are you going to come visit and bring me some?”


         Romano remembered how Bryan’s face frowned and twisted at the same time as he asked, “How will I get the fish then?”

         Mike remembered answering just loud enough for most of the men to hear, “I’ll send the heads to you by way of Department Mail. Enjoy.”

         Inwardly Mike Romano chuckled as recalled the response, Dennis’s eyes got wide, his ruddy complexion paled, as he dropped the open can of beer soiling his pants and shirt. The six pack of beer balancing on his ample belly thumped to the floor. “Just what the hell are you trying to say Romano?”

          Mike remembered smiling at the ruddy face as he answered, “What I’m saying is that you and your bigotry can kiss my fuzzy Italian ass!”

Mike quickly put his glass down on the table as The Great Pumpkin moved close to Flynn, held out his right hand and asked, “Sergeant Flynn, One Two Oh squad, I believe?”

Andy Flynn hesitated for a split second before reaching out  and grasping the big man’s hand, “Inspector Bryan. Am I correct?  Are you still the CO of the Academy?”

Bryan was pleased as seeing that Romano was paying close attention to the exchange. His ruddy face smiled like the magical Cheshire cat from Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland as he answered, “No, I managed to work my way into the South Manhattan Borough Office as Executive Officer, second in command.”

Flynn quickly responded, “Nice place to be.” Without waiting for a response, Andy put his left hand on Mike’s shoulder and said, “We’re here celebrating the transfer of Officer Romano to Manhattan Narcotics. Romano’s a sharp patrol officer on his way to a gold shield. Mike was temporally assigned to our squad to work on a homicide case with us and it turned out that the shooter was a dirty cop. You probably heard about it, the guy was a bag man and part time enforcer for the mob. Without Mike, I don’t know it we ever would have solved the case. His instincts are sometimes uncanny.”

Dennis quickly answered, “Yeah, I heard about it. Officer Romano and I know each other from some time ago.” He then turned his attention to Mike and said, “Romano, you always had a knack for doing the unexpected, it worked out for you again, didn’t it?” Bryan’s tone had a menacing edge to it.

Mike realized that the conversation was quickly becoming personal, as it usually did when Mike was under Bryan’s command back in Midtown South. He wasn’t going to risk the friendship of Sgt. Flynn and the men around him by playing into The Pumpkin’s Hand, so he took his time before answering by first picking up another slice of pizza and sprinkling a generous amount of crushed red pepper on it, then, slowly put it down into the plate sat on the table in front of him as his body tensed.

Sgt. Flynn had no idea what they were talking about, but still had his hand on Mike’s shoulder and felt cop’s muscles tighten and gently squeezed the shoulder in a silent plea for the Mike to control himself.

Feeling Flynn’s caution signal, Mike turned and said, “It’s good Sarge. The Inspector and I are just reminiscing, that’s all. Aren’t we Inspector?” Mike’s scrappy personality could not resist getting a little dig in,  “Oh, by the way, eat any good fish lately?”

Bryan’s face began to glow a deep crimson at Romano’s question. Dennis knew that Michael would not back off and began to dread what foul secrete would the ballsy Italian cop would drop if the conversation continued as it was going. Quickly he once again reached for Flynn’s hand, nodded at the other men at the table and mumbled, “Nice to see you all.” Looking directly at Romano with a malevolent stare, he coldly added, “Hope that someday you get that promotion, if you can stay out of trouble”

Mike couldn’t help himself, “Probably make Detective before you make full Inspector. Have a nice day.”

Bryan’s face flushed as he began to respond, “What?” then had second thoughts, turned and slowly walked away, slowly shaking his head, his mind spinning, remembering full well the past problems he had that he attributed to Mike. The job was loaded with people who were afraid of him, Mike Romano not only was not one of them, but would come back at him if pushed as if the young cop was always a step ahead of him. Bryan wanted to know why he was so comfortable doing it.

The men at the table sat dumbfounded in silence at Mike’s remark. Andy Flynn faced Romano, “Mike, I know that you’re a quick witted cop but I never got the idea that you were suicidal and would go nose to nose with a Deputy Inspector. I take it that you are not a fan of his. What happened while you were under his command? Can you talk about it?”

The men of the Two Oh squad all but sat on the edge of their chairs, waiting to hear the background of the quick pointed exchange that they just witnessed. Mike took a swallow of beer before he answered, “Well, first let me say that I am generally not in the habit of challenging a superior officer, but I have made exceptions. Without going into details, I’ll say that Dennis Bryan and I have disagreed on a moral issue.”

Sgt. Flynn spoke as Romano paused to gather his thoughts, “Mike, when we got involved with Inspector Rothwell from One PP and the Boro Commander just before we had our coordination meeting to nail Capelli, I got to look at your personnel jacket, you’re squeaky clean. What moral problem could you have had with Bryan?”

All eyes and ears were on Mike as he answered, “I had no moral problem, he did and it wasn’t prudent to announce it at the time. Before you all ask, no I’m not in the rat squad. Dennis just offends me, that’s all. Let’s get back to my sendoff party,” he replied as he picked up the pizza slice in front of him.

Det. James took the opportunity to say, “Romano, after seeing that little joust, I’m happy that we’re parting on good terms. Something tells me that if really pissed off, you could be a handful.” There was subdued laughter all around.

Half an hour later the men were headed back to the Two Oh.


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